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Isaac Mendez - the prophetic painter

Fans of Isaac Mendez from NBC's Heroes
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A community for anything and everything about and featuring Isaac Mendez from NBC's Heroes.


• This community is for posts relevant to the character Isaac Mendez or actor Santiago Cabrera only. There's plenty of other Heroes-communities for the other characters/actors.
• All spoilers for not yet aired episodes should be kept behind an lj-cut. If you're not sure how to make one, check the FAQ.
• Be kind to the other members of the community, we will not tolerate any flaming or bashing.
• If you make a post, please make use of appropiate tagging. You can find the current tag's list for this community here.
• Have fun! The sole purpose of heroes_isaac is to bring the fans together and have a place to discuss and squee over the character.



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